Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow Day Lunch - Snowman Bagel

It's a very unusual winter in central Ohio this year.  It's been more like late March than January, but I have been sharing some of our favorite Snow Day recipes and traditions this week because central Ohio winters typically include Snow and Snow Days in late January and February.  I've already shared about Snow Day Pancakes and a mid morning snack idea of hot chocolate and Tortilla Snowflakes.   I have been putting together a Snow Day Kit of different food and craft items to use on a day we wake up to a Winter Wonderland and School Closings.

I saw this cute idea in the December/January 2012 Family Fun magazine. 

I thought this cute Frosty the Bagel would make the perfect lunch on a Snow Day.  I know the kids will have fun making their own designs using whatever fruits and vegetables I happen to have on hand that day.  To be prepared, I bought a bag of bagels and set them aside in my freezer marking them with "Snow Day" so they don't accidently get eaten.  I have also set aside a block of cream cheese in the frig.  We're all set.  All we need now is the Snow Day!

What's your favorite Snow Day Lunch?

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