Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snow Day Snack Idea - Tortilla Snowflakes

Yesterday, my friend, Amy, shared her post about making Just Like Cracker Barrel Pancakes for her kids on a Snow Day morning.  I briefly mentioned that I have been collecting items for my Snow Day Kit just in case we do wake up to a Winter Wonderland and School Closings here in central Ohio in 2012.  In this kit, I have collected various food and craft items to make the day extra special for the kids.  With just a little planning, we can create some really fun memories of the things we did together on our Snow Day.

My kids love to have hot chocolate, especially on Snow Days.  There are many bloggers who share their recipes for homemade hot chocolate, and we've tried some of them.   In my Snow Day Kit, however, I opted for ease and just picked up a couple boxes Swiss Miss.  Using my coupons, I got the boxes for under 50 cents each.  I also picked up a fresh package of mini-marshmallows so that we'll be sure to have them on hand when the snow comes, too.  A trick I've learned to make the packaged hot chocolate taste a bit more homemade is to use 1/2 water and 1/2 milk for the liquid and then to add one additional packet of powder to the batch.  For example, I have 3 girls so I use 1 cup water, 1 cup milk, and 4 packets of hot chocolate mix.  I also whisk it together on the stove in a pan instead of pouring the mix into a cup of hot water.  We find it tastes better that way, and it's not really that much more work. 

Back in December, I came across this post from Mom on a Mission who made tortilla snowflakes with her kids one day.  Upon reading this post, I knew that I wanted to tuck away this idea to do with my kids.  In my Snow Day Kit, I've put aside a package of tortillas I picked up at Aldi for around $1.  I looked for a package with the longest expiration date which probably means they are not the healthiest choice, but  it's just one day's snack so I'm good with that.  They don't expire until March 2012.  I marked the package "Snow Day" so that I won't accidentally use them for another recipe.  When our Snow Day comes, we'll sit around the breakfast bar, fold the tortilla into a cone shape, and cut away our designs with kitchen shears, just like you do for a paper snowflake.  Then we'll paint them with butter, decorate them with sugar sprinkles, and bake for 10 minutes at 400.

These Snowflakes will go perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows!  All we need now is the Snow Day!

What's your favorite Snow Day Snack?

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