Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grab and Go Snacks - Chicky Chex Mix

My mom and dad stopped by overnight on their way home to MI from their winter in FL on Monday.  When I told the kids they were coming, they all asked, "Is Nanna bringing some of her mix?" 

Some may think homemade cookies when they think of visits with Grandma; my kids think of Nana Mix. "Nanna Mix" is nothing more than a large can of homemade Chex Mix, but it's one of my all time favorite munchies, so my mom always has a can for me when we go to visit or when they come to visit. 

Nanna did not bring a can of her famous mix for this quick overnight visit, but I'm proud to say that I've come up with an equally good mix that seems to satisfy all our salty snack cravings.   I've made several batches in the last few weeks.  I like to think it's a bit healthier than chips.  It takes under 30 minutes to put a batch together, and you'll have more than 15 servings.  I like to bag mine in individual snack bags so I can limit my portion size.  I keep a stash in our Grab and Go Snack Basket.  It will keep in an airtight container for a couple of weeks.  It also freezes well if you have ingredients to make a double batch. 

Chicky Chex Mix

The inspiration for this Chicky Chex Mix all started with the purchase of these 2 boxes of little snack crackers:

Have you seen these?  I got the mini Triscuits at Meijer several weeks ago when they had a great sale on snack crackers, and I had multiple copies of coupons.  I bought several different kinds of crackers for about $1.25/box.  I found these cute little Chickadees Crackers at Target.  They are normally $1.49/box, but I picked them up using a Target online coupon for Market Pantry Snacks making them under $1. 

The beauty of Chex Mix is that you can really use any combination of snack items that you like.  Nanna Mix usually contains garlic bagel chips, Bugles, and peanuts along with the traditional Chex cereals and pretzels.  My kids love to look through the can and pick out the Bugles and place them on their pinky fingers.   I didn't have any Bugles or Garlic Bagel Chips, but I spotted the Chickadees Crackers and the Mini Triscuits in our pantry and thought they might make a good substitution.  The results were delicious!  Just the right combination of textures, sizes, and flavors for a hard to stop at one handful snack mix.

Here's the recipe:

Chicky Chex Mix
3 cups Corn Chex
3 Cups Rice Chex
3 Cups Pretzels
1 Cup Chickadees Crackers
1 Cup Mini Triscuits
1 Cup Peanuts
6 Tbsp melted butter
2 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
1 1/2 tsp seasoned salt
3/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder

Generic Chex cereals will work just fine if you don't have Chex coupons!

1.  In a glass 9 x 13 pan, mix together all the cereals, pretzels, crackers, and nuts and gently mix.
2.  In a measuring cup, combine the melted butter, Worcestershire sauce, seasoned salt, garlic powder, and onion powder and stir well.
3.  Pour the seasoned butter mixture over the snack mix and toss gently until it's evenly coated.
4.  Microwave for 2 minutes on high.
5.  Stir.  (I use a spatula so I don't break the cereal pieces with a spoon)
6.  Microwave for 2 more minutes on high.
7.  Stir. 
8.  Microwave for another 1-2 minutes on high.
9.  Stir. 
10.  Taste.  It should be crispy now.
11.  Let cool (or enjoy several bites while warm!)
12.  Store in an airtight container or in individual snack bags.

Chicky Chex Mix

Feel free to play around with the combinations with whatever ingredients you might have in your pantry.  You just need 12 cups total of snack items to the 6 Tbsp of seasoned, melted butter.

What's your favorite Chex Mix combination?

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