Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's a new year and the launch of my new blog!  For years I have been collecting tasty, easy to fix recipes and enjoy sharing them with my family and friends.  I've been following several food blogs for about a year or so and decided that I, too, should start a blog!  So. . . here's to the launch of the Queen of the Easy Meal.

This blog will give me the opportunity to better organize all those recipes that I've collected over the years and also join in with a variety of other mom bloggers across the country as we try to feed our families healthy, low cost, easy to fix meals. 

I hope to link up to some of the blog posts I already follow and maybe start a few new linkups of my own.  It will be a learning process, but I'm at the point where I need a little new challenge in my life.

I hope that you'll visit often and see what's been cookin' in my kitchen and be inspired to make some new meals for your own family and friends.  I cook simply and as my kids say, "Mommy doesn't make yucky things!"  If the recipe makes it to the blog, it's a keeper!

Happy 2012!  May your kitchen be filled with all kinds of yummy things to eat and the people you love most!

What new challenge are you ready to take on in 2012?


  1. Good Luck with your new blog! I've only been with it for 2 months and I'm having a blast... there's so much to learn, every day is an adventure :)

  2. Hi Jill, I found you from Clean Mama! I love cooking sites. I'm still trying to figure out organizing and also love recipes. Looks like you have some good ones on here. Start making categories on a different page of your blog so you have an easy index. That's what I did. You can check out my blog: Will be coming back here often!