Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly Shopping Trip

After my big produce haul last week, the frig still had quite a few good things left to eat inside of it.  My freezer stash is dwindling slowly thanks to careful meal planning.  Checking the sale ads this week, there were not a ton of instore specials and coupon deals that I had to rush right out and snag but I did want to stock up on some of the Cereal Monster's favorite cereals that were on sale.  We also needed some cheese and deli meats for sandwiches for the weekend and the week.  I also wanted to do a bit of batch cooking for our breakfasts and snacks and picked up the needed ingredients for those items.

With list in hand, cash in wallet, coupons gathered, the three year old with her penny and a snack, we headed off to run our errands on Friday morning.  Here's the haul for the week. 

The 3 year old picked out the orange creamsicle treats despite the
fact that it was freezing outside!  Perfect for our hamburger night!
Here are a few of the best deals I found: 
*Greek Yogurt (Mgr Spec) for .25
*Free Bread with in store promotion on Hormel deli meat, $1.63 meat with sale price & coupon
*Cinnamon Toast Crunch with in store promotion and coupon, $1 X 2
*8 lbs potatoes - $2.50
*Meijer Eggs - .99 x 3
*Meijer Tortillas - $1.33 x 2
*Grapes - .99/lb
*TN Pride Sausage - $1.30 with in store promotion and coupon
*Valentines, socks for Undy Sunday @
church, and snow gloves for 11 year old - $15.76

Total Spent: $85.78
Total Saved using in store promotions and coupons: $89.64

Not too bad.  I did pop into Aldi and pick up 2 bags of mini bagels, foil, chili powder, and baggies which did not get added into this total.

What bargains did you find on your weekly shopping trip?

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