Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekly Shopping Trip

We’re making headway on using up some of the items stashed away in our freezer and pantry this month.  Our frig was quite bare this week when it came time for the weekly shopping trip.  We had no fruit in the fruit drawer, no yogurt on the shelf, and a single piece of lettuce left in our salad stash.  We still had lots of carrots from last week’s great sale and plenty of bread and cereal products to last us the week.  We were in need of restocking some of our bathroom products, too.  I also wanted to pick up a few cans of ready made soup for our Sick Day Box. 

The 3 year old and I made 2 stops on Thursday morning to complete our grocery shopping for the week.  We needed to get the supplies to make a chocolate covered strawberry dessert tray for the teachers’ monthly luncheon at the girls’ school on Friday and decided to tie in our family weekly shop while we were there.  The 3 year old was promised her penny pony ride at Meijer and also got to pick out something if she was a good girl.  (She chose Dora shampooShe rode in the truck cart at Kroger and munched on a cookie from the bakery while I sped through the aisles with my list in hand.  I had only $60 in my wallet by the time I got to Kroger, so I had to do some careful calculating while going through the store.  I did pick up a couple of bags of cereal for $1, a jar of salsa, a .87/lb ham leftover from the holiday stock, and two bags of cheese cubes that I found marked down and still squeezed under that $60 mark. 

Here’s our haul: (Sorry for the glare. I thought it looked okay when I viewed it on the camera)

Total spent:  $81.67
Total saved using coupons and store specials: $65.82

Not quite as good as last week, but still pretty good.  Our fruit and vegetable drawers are filled to the max, the yogurt shelf is full, and we’ll have clean hair and bodies for several weeks. 

What bargains did you find on your weekly shopping trip?

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