Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Shopping Trip

We had a busy week and I didn't make it to the store until Sunday afternoon.  I do not like going grocery shopping on the weekends because it seems to take me longer because the stores are so crowded.  I also cannot find as many manager specials which makes my trips more expensive.  Shopping on the weekend, however, means that I can go to the store without my 3 year old helper.

Kroger had a great buy 10, get $5 off promotion this week and they will still be running this same promotion next week.  I usually use this type of sale to stock up on items at low cost for our pantry/freezer.  I have to use a numbered list, however, because if you don't get exactly 10 items (or a multiple of 10), it's not such a great deal.

I aim to spend about the same each week (under $100).  Some weeks I come home with a lot of items, some weeks not as many.  This seemed to be a week where I had fewer, higher priced items.  I needed honey, popcorn, and yeast which are items not usually on sale.  My pantry is currently stocked with many boxes of cereal, so unless I can get it for under $1, we don't need any more for awhile.  We still have several oranges and apples in the fruit bin and some carrots, celery, and cucumber in the vegetable crisper.  We do eat packaged chips, crackers, and ice cream although I try to keep us healthy and homemade as much as possible.  And yes. . . that's Velveeta Cheese and Shells on the counter.  Even the Queen of the Easy Meal needs a quick, box meal in her pantry as a back up.

Here's what I brought home this week and a few of the best deals I found:
*** 10 pound spiral cut ham @ $1.49/lb
***.18 cent canned tomatoes X 2
***$1 fresh pineapple
***$1 4-pack yogurts X 3
***.75 pasta sauce X 3
***.49 cent hot dog buns
***$2 lunch meat X 2
***Samoa ice cream - YUMMY!

Total Spent: $75.92
Total Saved Using Coupons and In Store Promotions: $60.83 (44%)

I need to pick up some bananas at some point this week.  They were all very, very green or very, very brown.  (Remember, I'm more of an in the middle kind of girl, not the extremes.)  I also saw a couple good deals at Giant Eagle, so if we have time, we may pop in there later this week, too.

What deals did you find on your weekly shopping trip?

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